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We launched in 2006 supporting the dolls as they rose to global dominiation and despite the leaner times ahead we remain to the cause of supporting the original dolls in the singing group lineup.

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News Arrow [Updated] Nicole poses for Cosmopolitan
  Posted by Marit on 2012-08-08 14:37:44 BST | Category: Jessica News
A while ago Nicole got together with magazine Cosmopolitan in LA for an in-depth interview and a photoshoot. You can catch a behind the scenes video via THIS link, the magazine is out in the UK right now (September issue) so if you're living there make sure you pick up a copy to read the 3-page interview with Nicole smile.gif and if you can't go out to get it not to worry! You can download a digital copy via this iTunes link, make sure you email us a copy too if you do that! And if you're not so lucky to live in the UK, like me and many others, well then enjoy THESE pictures in the PCDWorld Gallery! Keep an eye out on this post for any updates in the gallery, and of course the 'latest pictures' icon on the left of your screen always comes in handy.

On a personal note I hope everybody's enjoying their holidays! It seems the girls are, Nicole's on holidays with family and Kimberly is in the UK countryside having a working break away. Ashley, well maybe she's preparing for her perhaps hosting job on the X Factor USA? She seems proper stressed as yoga is her number 1 topic on Twitter blink1.gif Jessica's working away, recording music (with RedOne too!) and rehearsing for a music video for "Make It Loud" which we'll hear more of (literally) in September, let's hope that'll boost her career properly. Melody just seems to be taking care of her dog as the weather in LA is getting rather extreme, hope everyone stays save and take care of yourselves smile.gif

Update: added more pictures of the magazine photoshoot! Click here to see them smile.gif
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News Arrow Happy Birthday Jessica!
  Posted by Marit on 2012-05-15 06:11:11 BST | Category: Jessica News
Today, 15th May, it's @IamJessicaSutta's birthday! Be sure to send her your congratulations on Twitter using the hashtag #IamJessicaSutta - she deserves it! She's turned 30 today and no doubt will have a bit of fun and receive loads of presents smile.gif enjoy your day & if there's any cake leftovers make sure you send them my way! blink1.gif
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News Arrow Jessica on America's Next Top Model
  Posted by Marit on 2012-04-12 20:28:01 BST | Category: Jessica News
The episode with @IamJessicaSutta on America's Next Top Model aired last night, you can catch the video below: door pcdworldcouk
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News Arrow The Pussycat Dolls 2006 performance in Turkey!
  Posted by Marit on 2012-01-29 11:43:26 GMT | Category: Jessica News
With @NicoleScherzy in Turkey at present to perform at a rather privileged gig for the son of Telman Ismailov - who appears to pay well for his artists ( - I felt this would be a nice time to add a performance of The Pussycat Dolls there back in 2006 at the MTV TR Lansman Party. It's also been 3 years since 'our' girls had started their Doll Domination Tour - today 3 years ago they were preparing for their show in Manchester! Watch them perform "Buttons", "Beep" and "Don't Cha" on the YouTube video below smile.gif
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News Arrow Recording music
  Posted by Marit on 2012-01-21 21:15:03 GMT | Category: Jessica News
Not much has been going on as far as I'm concerned, but Jessica has recently tweeted out she's recording music so perhaps we will be able to listen to more music of her this year! smile.gif

In the studio with @BrettsMusic @gbstarr : )

Feels so good to be in the studio tonight.. i really want to be engulfed in music and out of mind tonight.. jus' one of those days. :/
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News Arrow A (late!) Happy New Year everybody!
  Posted by Marit on 2012-01-06 20:45:20 GMT | Category: Jessica News
As announced, here the late Happy New Year message! I had a lovely week in Portugal thanks for asking, the weather was lovely all week and I even produced a bit of a tan (and I'm like a milk bottle).

I hope everybody has made the best wishes for themselves to get the best out of this new year, see it as a new chance to improve your life and make the decisions you feel are right. Remember there's no harm in wrong decisions - one can only learn from them! I speak from experience smile.gif

On the site news, well, it's all been rather quiet as far as Nicole's concerned I'm afraid. I am delighted to announce that it seems Nicole and Lewis have spend Christmas together so it seems they are back together (again). Let's hope 2012 brings them better things then whatever made them break up in 2011! As for Kimberly, Melody, Jessica, Ashley and also Carmit, I must admit I haven't been the best updater as far as they are concerned. Of course Carmit had her baby so I don't think she's been up to much, and it all still seems a little bit vague to me what the others are trying to persue. I'm mainly a Nicole fan now so that's where my interest is bound to be. I hope you can give me feedback on this and perhaps help me out in news I could post for them, afterall we are PCDWorld and not NicoleWorld as some have cynically said to me! I always read the mentions on Twitter - @pcdworld - and of course our forums remain a crowded place with loads of 'old school' PCD fans! You can also send an e-mail which you can find by clicking the 'About PCDWorld' bar smile.gif

I hope you'll keep visiting the site - we've 'lost' Emily some time ago now and to this day we haven't heard from her. She's done a lot - and I mean a LOT - for this site along with Matt as well of course. Now it's mainly just me updating and Matt helping out with recording UK shows sometimes, we'll continue to provide you with the latest news, pictures and videos and I'll try to improve on updating on all of the PCD girls this year too! All of the best wishes smile.gif
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News Arrow Merry Christmas ...
  Posted by Marit on 2011-12-24 22:02:52 GMT | Category: Jessica News
We'd like to wish all of our site visitors a Merry Christmas - tonight is Christmas Eve and then we've got 2 more days to celebrate. Also to those not celebrating Christmas I hope you'll still have a great time - personally for me it's just a great moment to spend time with family as everybody's off for the holidays, and let's not forget to eat some great food! I thought this would be a nice time to look back at those good old PCD days, here's a performance of "I Hate This Part" on former UK show Top Of The Pops: Christmas Special.
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News Arrow [Updated x9452] Just to say
  Posted by Marit on 2011-10-14 06:23:01 BST | Category: Jessica News
There was a reason to panic tonight I admit, Vimeo have taken down all of the accounts we'd made and therefore we have lost all the videos that we uploaded there and had embedded on the site. Don't fear, apart from a few I've been very busy (and I mean the type of 'please appreciate this' busy) replacing ALL of the Vimeo videos on the site for either Viddler or YouTube videos. This basically means we'll be going back to Viddler-mode, they have never been such an issue and eventho compared to Vimeo they don't do HD or embed for mobile phones we basically have no other choice because quite frankly Vimeo has rejected us (some 50 times or so). For HD videos I'll try to get them on YouTube as much as possible, we'll figure something out, if you have a suggestion for another video source we could be using you can send them in via a tweet @pcdworld or e-mail us at

I have replaced all the X Factor episodes with Viddler videos, catch them in their respective posts. Please note that Viddler IS NOT embeddable for mobile phones etc. so don't come moaning at me 'there is no video', if you're on a mobile, no there won't be.

Update: I have replaced the video of episode 7 with a working Viddler video - back to the good old Viddler days I thought... You can watch it below, sorry for the delay smile.gif
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